SCB Repertoire: Fall 2020

Symphonic Concert Band – here are the recordings of our pieces to help you practice! Listen for how your part fits into the piece and try playing along when you are confident on your notes.

Star Wars –

Storm Clouds –

Kickstart! –

Raiders –

Canon of Peace –

BEB Music for Spring

Beginner Elementary Band students – you can use these recordings to help you! Practice along with them or simply listen so that you can start to figure out how each piece goes.


Walk in Sherwood –

Intensity! –

AEB Spring Music

AEB students – use these recordings to practice. They should help you to get a feel for the pieces.

Caribbean Breeze (Victor Lopez) –

Blue Rock (Dale Lauder) –

BONUS QUARTER NOTE if you come to class on Wednesday and you are able to name ONE island in the Caribbean! You must write it on a piece of paper and bring it to class.